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National Submarine Day - 2022-04-11
What is National Submarine Day?
April 11 is National Submarine Day, celebrating the purchase of the USS Holland by the US Navy in 1900. This is a big deal for the submarine community, but it’s not all happy underwater times. These crews are often out for months at a time, and when they come back, they have to survive with limited stores. It is interesting to note that submarines were not invented for military purposes, but rather for scientific research. The first submarine was created in 1620, and it was called the submarine because of its shape. It was 3 feet 7 inches wide at the widest diameter, and 10 feet 6 inches long. It could submerge to a depth of 20 feet. It was lost in a battle with a brutal storm in 1863. If you’re a fan of history, visiting a Navy museum is the perfect place to go for all the information you desire. You’ll get your questions answered by experts who have all the information at their disposal.    
When is National Submarine Day?
  In the United States, the 11th of April is celebrated as National Submarine Day. This is because it was on this day in 1900, when the United States Navy acquired its first modern commissioned submarine.
History of National Submarine Day
In 1969, a senator introduced a bill to honor submarines on April 11th. But no president has ever made a proclamation.
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