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National Sundae Day - 2021-11-11
What is National Sundae Day?
National Sundae Day is a day to enjoy the sweet and decadent desserts of your life. Celebrate with an ice cream sundae, or make one at home using ingredients from scratch! This November 11th will be all about enjoying these sugary delights in every way possible—whether that means visiting some fun local shops for their delicious treats or creating something more personal like homemade chocolate chip cookie dough dipped strawberries topped off by whipped cream on top (a la mode). National Sundae Day is a great opportunity to indulge in some sugary, decadent desserts. Marshmallow sauce may be the best part of any sundae! It's also worth mentioning that anything related to ice cream has been shown time after time as being good for your health so enjoy this one without guilt—you deserve it!
When is National Sundae Day?
On November 11th, we're celebrating this delicious treat by eating our favorite flavors from all around the country! Happy National Sundae Day!
History of National Sundae Day
In a story as old and delicious as the first ice cream sundae, it's no surprise that Two Rivers Wisconsin claims Druggist Edward Berners served his creation on Sunday. However what makes this flavor of history come alive is not only how he compromised by serving customers their requested drinks without sodas or carbonated liquids but also with chocolate syrup topping - making for one amazing taste in 1881!
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