National Surgical Oncologist Day

August 22, 2021

August 22 - National Surgical Oncologist Day

What Is National Surgical Oncologist Day?

A surgical oncologist is a doctor that helps to diagnose and surgically remove cancerous tumours in the body. They may perform non-invasive surgeries such as a needle biopsy, or perform an open surgery to remove all traces of the cancer. Surgical oncologists are constantly studying and learning new procedures in order to deliver the best possible care to their patients. It is this dedication towards their goal of saving lives and curing cancer that we celebrate on this day, and that we appreciate on all others. To recognize their efforts, donate to a cancer charity that helps to support cancer patients and cancer research and share your support on social media.

When Is National Surgical Oncologist Day?

On August 22, we celebrate the lifesaving achievements of surgical oncologists with National Surgical Oncologists Day!

History Of National Surgical Oncologist Day

Jenni Cherlin & the Lean On Me Breast Cancer Network founded National Surgical Oncologist Day in 2009 to appreciate the hard work and dedication of surgical oncologists everywhere.


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