National Tailgating Day

September 4, 2021

September 4 - National Tailgating Day

What Is National Tailgating Day?

The first Saturday in September is a day celebrated by football fans across the United States: it signifies the beginning of football season. National Tailgating Day is NOT a nod towards driving incredibly closely behind another vehicle, but instead, it is a time in which we gather outside stadiums to grill food, share a beer, and stir up support for our favourite team from the tailgate of our trucks or trunks of our cars. Tailgating is as much a part of a football game as are hotdogs and chillis. Rock your team’s apparel, meet your friends, light the barbecue, and raise the spirits for your team on National Tailgating Day.

When Is National Tailgating Day?

National Tailgating Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of September.

History Of National Tailgating Day

Luke Lorick, president of the Tailgating Challenge, founded National Tailgating Day in 2016. It was created to unite all sports lovers share in their passion for tailgating, regardless of the team or college they support.


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