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National Take A Hike Day - 2021-11-17
What is National Take A Hike Day?
A walk in the park sounds like a great way to escape from daily life for an hour or two. There can't be any better than taking advantage of all that our country has on offer when you're looking at 60,000+ miles worth! The Mist Trail is a hike in California that will take you past some of the most beautiful trees on Earth. Along this path, not only can I show off my incredible woodsmanship skills but also give visitors an opportunity for breathtaking views and epic adventures like seeing Vernal Falls or Nevada's famous Little Sink Hole! The mist trail has been called both “perhaps one” of America's best hikes as well one with "epic" opportunities to see vernal falls-to name just two attractions along its path through old-growth redwood groves near Lake Tahoe before ending at Mount Rose where it begins again. No matter where you find yourself though, let's get on those boots and take a hike today!
When is National Take A Hike Day?
November 17 is National Take a Hike Day, you should grab your boots and water because it's time to hit the trails!
History of National Take A Hike Day
The first recorded trek was that of the Roman Emperor Hadrian to Etna in 125. There were a few expeditions during this time period, all coming from Europe and Asia Minor (Turkey).
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