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National Talk Like Shakespeare Day - 2022-04-23
What is National Talk Like Shakespeare Day?
On April 23, each year, Shakespeare Day is celebrated. Born on that date in 1564, the world has long appreciated William Shakespeare’s literary genius. This April marks the 400th anniversary of his death. The best way to celebrate the Bard’s life and work is to speak like him. In the English language, as in most others, the singular pronoun you is used as a polite form of address to one person. But Shakespeare, who died in 1616, used you as a plural pronoun. Shakespeare would have written "thou" and "thee" to refer to a single person. And he would have written "ye" as a plural pronoun meaning "you all." These words are called archaic pronouns. More than half of Shakespeare's lines rhyme. He was a master To honor the works of Shakespeare, people celebrate his birth anniversary as National Talk Like Shakespeare Day. On this day, people speak normally but use the same vocabulary that he used in his plays.
When is National Talk Like Shakespeare Day?
National Talk Like Shakespeare Day is celebrated annually on April 23rd!
History of National Talk Like Shakespeare Day
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