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National Tap Dance Day - 2021-05-25
What is National Tap Dance Day?
This dance form incorporates complex rhythmic step combinations and an expression of character through sound and body movements. Tap dancing has many styles from clogging to soft-shoe, jazz, and many more. This fun and exciting holiday is also celebrated in other countries apart from the U.S. such as Japan, Australia, India, and Iceland.
When is National Tap Dance Day?
National Tap Dance Day is celebrated on May 25 to honor the art of tap dancing.
History of National Tap Dance Day
Tap Dance Day officially began in 1989 and celebrates the heritage and origins of the dance genre, along with the notable tap dancing greats, including Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, the Mark Brothers, and more. Tap dance first appeared in the 19th century as dancers from across the world combined their ideas in the New World. At first, tap dancing was a marginal activity that began in slave communities. Owners would take instruments and drums away from slaves so they began improvising, using their feet instead to act as percussion.
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