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National Tartan Day - 2022-04-06
What is National Tartan Day?
On April 6th, National Tartan Day, we honor the Scottish heritage and the freedom that runs through the veins of Americans with Scottish ancestry. From its early beginnings, Scottish Americans have worked for freedom as much as any other American. It is in their blood. The Scots were a huge part of America's foundation. In fact, nine out of the first 13 presidents were from Scotland. And 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence. Some say as many as a thirds of those signers were Scottish. Think of all the US presidents who were Scottish! Not only the first ones but most of them. They were really independent, and they had a lot of energy. They were smart and inventive. They wrote a lot and made music and art. They led and inspired others. 11 million Americans today claim Scottish ancestry, and they still have those qualities.
When is National Tartan Day?
Tartan Day is a US observance that takes place on April 6 each year.
History of National Tartan Day
April 6th of each year is National Tartan Day. It's a day to celebrate Scottish Americans and their contributions to the United States.
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