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National Tater Tot Day - 2022-02-01
What is National Tater Tot Day?
Tater tots are a delicious side dish or snack food. They are made by grating potatoes and forming them into small cylinders. They are often served as a side dish at restaurants, but you can also make them at home. Tater tots are good for you because they are made of only potato. Ore-Ida is a frozen food company that was started in 1952 in Ontario, Oregon. The Grigg brothers, F. Nephi and Golden, started the business because they thought they could sell French fries to restaurants in the area. They had a lot of leftover potato scraps from their production line, and they decided to use them to make something new. They invented Ore-Ida's most popular product: tater tots.
When is National Tater Tot Day?
National Tater Tot Day is celebrated on February 2 annually.
History of National Tater Tot Day
John-Bryan Hopkins created National Tater Tot Day in 2009.
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