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National Tattoo Day - 2021-07-17
What is National Tattoo Day?
Tattoos are a type of skin marking that goes back centuries and has a history in cultures from all over the world. Ancient Egyptian mummies have been found with ink markings on their skin and Balkan children were marked to identify them if they were kidnapped by the Ottomans. Tattoos can hold religious, cultural, or even personal significance to the wearer and are an incredibly unique way of expressing your individuality openly and creatively. You can get tattooed nearly anywhere on your body in all colours and designs. Just make sure you double check every inch of it! The last thing you want is to a bad tattoo. Share some of your favourite tattoos and the meanings behind them using #NationalTattooDay on social media.
When is National Tattoo Day?
July 17th, National Tattoo Day, honours and celebrates an ancient art form that allows for creativity and expression.
History of National Tattoo Day
Unfortunately, we are not yet sure who invented this very special day. All we know so far is that the day has been celebrated since 2016. We will continue to share updates with you on all that we find.
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