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National Teal Talk Day - 2021-09-23
What is National Teal Talk Day?
It’s Teal Talk Day! Over 249,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year. If you want to raise awareness and money for this important cause, gather your friends and wear teal today. Talk about it — wherever you go, to anyone who will listen — and make a difference. Join co-workers for lunch. Men are welcome, too! They have mothers, wives, daughters and sisters at risk for ovarian cancer. The Teal Talk is an excellent way to raise awareness. There is no standard screening for ovarian cancer. In absence of a test, awareness is best. In the hour it might take to have the Teal Talk during lunch, approximately 28 women would have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Dear friends, neighbors, and sisters, come on over for drinks in the backyard! Wear your favorite teal. We are going to have Teal Talk. Let's give early detection of ovarian cancer a chance. You need to know that 90% of women who are diagnosed at an early stage survive. Make sure you know the symptoms. Persistent bloating, lack of energy, loss of appetite, and feeling fuller sooner. There is more at
When is National Teal Talk Day?
Teal Talk Day is observed annually on September 23!
History of National Teal Talk Day
Ovarcome's mission is to make ovarian cancer a household word. No screening is available for ovarian cancer, the deadliest gynecological malignancy. Although Ovarcome can't cure ovarian cancer, it can empower you to detect its symptoms early and fight back.
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