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National Techies Day - 2021-10-03
What is National Techies Day?
Techies are people who love technology – a lot. Technology changes rapidly. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest products and software released every day. Thankfully, techies have us covered. Their reviews, tear-downs, and insights help us to understand how we can best use new gadgets or software. They’re also the men and women behind these new tech upgrades and innovations. Techies love to make ever more sophisticated gadgets and software to make our lives simpler, easier, and more convenient. This national day recognizes the role of technology in our lives - and the people who create them. As October is National Cyber Security Month, there’s no better time to honor the men and women who keep our devices safe and secured. This National Techies Day you can show your appreciation by teaching someone how to use technology or buying a new tech gadget.
When is National Techies Day?
National Techies Day is celebrated on October 3rd. You'd not be reading this post without the incredible work of techies around the world.
History of National Techies Day
National Techies Day was founded by and CNT Networks in 1999 to teach children to embrace computer science.
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