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National Telephone Day - 2022-04-25
What is National Telephone Day?
April 25th is National Telephone Day. Although landline phones were supposed to be obsolete by now, there are still about 931 million landlines in the world. That’s why we celebrate Telephone Day on April 25. The holiday commemorates the introduction of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. In the famous first words spoken over a phone line, to his assistant Thomas A. Watson, “Mr. Watson…come here…I want to see you” (and with many others), we were off on a path to change the world forever. Since 1876, the telephone has given rise to many innovations. The earliest of which was unified communications. Some of us remember when people had to pick up the phone and call someone or when telephone numbers were actually words. A long time ago, phones were bulky and plugged into the wall. There were only a few in each house. When you were on the phone, your parents could hear what you were saying. Your parents could hear everything you said when you were on the phone, especially if there were only a few phones in the house.
When is National Telephone Day?
Celebrated annually on April 25th National Telephone Day!
History of National Telephone Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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