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National Tequila Day - 2021-07-24
What is National Tequila Day?
Tequila is an ancient alcohol made from the agave plant and invented by Native Americans before the 16th century. When the Spanish colonisers arrived, they introduced copper to the drink previously known as mezcal wine. In modern day, production of Tequila is heavily protected in Mexico and there are rules pertaining to what can and cannot be called tequila. This alcoholic beverage can be enjoyed on its own, or mixed into margaritas, or even in a whole new cocktail of your own invention. On National Tequila Day, take a minute to learn all there is to know about the cultural and historical impact of tequila and the distilling industry as a whole.
When is National Tequila Day?
Tequila is celebrated on July 24th, National Tequila Day.
History of National Tequila Day
We are continuing to research the origins of this national day and will be sure to keep you updated on what we find.
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