National Thoughtful Day

August 28, 2021

August 28 - National Thoughtful Day

What Is National Thoughtful Day?

The spirit of this national day is, ultimately, to be thoughtful of those around us. It is important for us, as a functioning society, to have empathy and consideration for one another. Whether this means holding the door of the elevator open for a stranger or helping a friend with a task that’s overwhelming them, we spread this spirit on this national day. If more of us were thoughtful, considerate, and empathetic, the world would be a much kinder and sweeter place. It is our responsibility to do what we can to bring such goodness back into the world for our future children and ourselves. And perhaps, by practicing thoughtfulness for this one day, we can begin making it a habit and change our lives, and the lives of many others.

When Is National Thoughtful Day?

National Thoughtful Day on August 28th brings with it the perfect opportunity to spread some appreciation.

History Of National Thoughtful Day

National Thoughtful Day was founded by Thoughtful Pinch to celebrate the joy and importance of being thoughtful. Creator of Thoughtful Pinch, Barb Paton, said, “By being thoughtful, one size does not have to fit all. In fact, the more unique the celebration, the better!”


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