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National Trail Mix Day - 2021-08-31
What is National Trail Mix Day?
Trail mix can be anything you want it to be, really. It's usually made of some nuts, dried fruit, seeds or grains, but can be totally customised to your personal preference. That's part of the charm of this delicious snack. And since most of the ingredients are non-perishable and lightweight, the snack travels well and can be packed in individual packaging for easy transport. Spend National Trail Mix Day trying out all the possible combinations for your own personal trail mix. Whether you like it sweet, salty, spicy, or savoury, there's bound to be a flavour combination for you. Share your favourite recipe for trail mix with some friends and organise your next hike or mountain climb to try it out!
When is National Trail Mix Day?
The world's favourite hiking snack is celebrated on August 31st with National Trail Mix Day!
History of National Trail Mix Day
We were unable to find the creator of this national day in our research, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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