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National Trivia Day - 2022-01-04
What is National Trivia Day?
Our interest in trivia has been a part of pop culture for many decades. We enjoy it because we’re naturally competitive and social beings. Trivia combines the two perfectly, as you can show off your knowledge to friends. In 1979, Trivial Pursuit was invented and released commercially in 1981. It was even added to the "Games Hall of Fame" by Games Magazine in 1993. Today, there are tons of different versions including Disney Edition, Star Wars Classic Trilogy Collector's Edition, and World of Harry Potter Edition.  
When is National Trivia Day?
National Trivia Day is a holiday that's celebrated annually every 4th of January!
History of National Trivia Day
Robert L Birch of Puns Corps. founded National Trivia Day in 1980
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