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National TV Dinner Day - 2021-09-10
What is National TV Dinner Day?
You've had a TV dinner. I've had a TV dinner. My parents had a TV dinner. My grandparents had a TV dinner. It is as much a part of American culture - and dinnertime - as salt and pepper is to food. Invented in 1953 by C.A. Swanson and Sons, the TV dinner changed how many families enjoyed their dinners - and deserted the dinner table. On National TV Dinner Day, praise this invention with a frozen meal and a movie in front of the TV. Join us on social media with #NationalTVDinnerDay. A TV dinner is a frozen meal that comes in sectioned plastic containers. They are a meal that can be reheated and eaten simply and quickly. Although the name was changed in 1963, TV dinners persist in American society by word of mouth. Nowadays, any meal served in the way of the originals, no matter the brand, is called a TV dinner. Interesting fact: the first Swansons' TV dinner meal was a Thanksgiving dish: turkey, cornbread, peas, and sweet potatoes. Another fact that will blow your mind is that the company sold more than 10 million TV dinners in its first year of production in 1953. Heat and eat your favorite frozen prepackaged meal in honor of this iconic American tradition.
When is National TV Dinner Day?
National TV Dinner Day is observed every year on September 10th.
History of National TV Dinner Day
We were unable to find the creator of this national day in our research, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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