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National Underwear Day - 2021-08-05
What is National Underwear Day?
National Underwear Day provides a judgment free opportunity to wear and flaunt your favourite underwear, within reason, of course. For many of us, underwear is a secret statement. No matter which type you choose to wear, it says something about your personality and your state of mind for the day. It is the most intimate of accessories and we all deserve to have underwear that makes us feel good and that fits our needs and lifestyles. Treat yourself to some comfy new tighty whities, or whatever you like, and have a great time feeling like yourself today.
When is National Underwear Day?
Let loose on National Underwear Day on August 5th!
History of National Underwear Day
National Underwear Day was founded on August 5th of 2003 by Freshpair.
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