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National Vanilla Cupcake Day - 2021-11-10
What is National Vanilla Cupcake Day?
The earliest cupcakes might have been made in honor of the American Revolution. The first known documentation for this Cake-like treat is from 1828 when Eliza Leslie’s book included instructions on how to make the “small cakes or sweetmeats” meant specifically as individual servings rather than one big cake at Christmas time (despite what many people think). It's said that these small pastries became popularly known today by two other names - "cups" referring only cups used during baking but then evolving into meaning little bite-size pieces while some say it comes directly out of Amanda Stafford who called them just plain old 'cupcake' back in 1796! Celebrate the small cakes that represent joy, happiness, and love in all shapes and sizes with your friends this year by indulging yourself or sharing one cupcake as an invitee at someone else’s party too - because we know how much these little numbers mean to you.
When is National Vanilla Cupcake Day?
Cupcakes are a big deal. And so is National Vanilla Cupcake Day on November 10th!
History of National Vanilla Cupcake Day
While cake dates back to ancient times, cupcakes were first seen in America. It is thought that the first record referencing "a cake to be baked in small cups" was in Amelia Simmons' 'American Cookery' in 1796. It’s possible that “cupcakes” were also a reference to measuring techniques. Several cakes had names according to their measurements, so they could be remembered by volume, such as pound cakes.
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