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National Veep Day - 2021-08-09
What is National Veep Day?
According to the succession plan of the United States, in case of death, resignation, or removal of the President from office, the role automatically goes to the Vice President. In US history, 8 out of 15 Vice Presidents who ascended to Presidency did so due to the death of the President. On National Veep Day, brush up on your US history and all the Vice Presidents of the country. You could even go as far as setting up a trivia night for yourself and some friends!
When is National Veep Day?
August 9th, National Veep Day, is the day to recognise the succession plan of the United States.
History of National Veep Day
August 9th, National Veep Day, falls on the day on which Gerald Ford was assigned as President of the United States after the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974.
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