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National Vermont Day - 2021-10-12
What is National Vermont Day?
Vermont was an independent state ruled by the French and British colonialists. This state was inhabited by Abenaki and Mohawk tribes. A period of French and then British rule sparked the state's movement to independence. Struggles over slavery turned into battles with neighboring states. They took a stand against their European rulers and fought for independence. In 1777, they declared their independence and resolved to join the United States of America. In 1791, on October 12th, they officially became part of the United States - and outlawed slavery in their territory. Vermont is famous for its mountains, majestic views, excellent skiing, hiking, and natural beauty.
When is National Vermont Day?
The Green Mountain State was 14th state to join the United States is celebrated on October 12th as National Vermont Day.
History of National Vermont Day
National Vermont Day's history can be traced back to 1791 when Vermont officially joined the United States. In remembrance of this day, National Vermont Day symbolizes the state's independence and struggles against slavery.
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