National VFW Day

September 29, 2021

September 29 - National VFW Day

What Is National VFW Day?

National VFW Day honors the men and women who have served our nation, and who work for this valuable organisation. The VFW, of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, has a long and respectable history of volunteering in communities where they are needed. These service members have served overseas, but also continue to serve fellow veterans, families, and communities. They do so by sponsoring and organising all kinds of wellness events, such as mental health awareness campaigns, as well as scholarship funds, career fairs, and much more. On this national day, take a moment to appreciate everything the VFW does for your community, and see if you can get involved in anything they’ve got going on.

When Is National VFW Day?

National VFW Day is observed on September 29th of every year.

History Of National VFW Day

The VFW was established on this day in 1899, which is why this date was chosen for celebrating this national day.


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