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National Vichyssoise Day - 2021-11-18
What is National Vichyssoise Day?
Who doesn't love a good bowl of Vichyssoise? Fortunately, we in America can enjoy this chilly and refreshing soup on National Vichyssoise Day (November 18th) to celebrate its deliciousness. The perfect meal for any time during winter when you need some extra vitamin C! I'm not sure what it is about this soup, but we all love the taste. It has an almost onion-y flavor with hints of leeks and cream that make your mouth water just by smelling it! The Vichyssoise (French potato) broth is thick due to pureed potatoes which you can't really even tell when eating because they're mixed into all those other yummy ingredients.
When is National Vichyssoise Day?
November 18th is a day to appreciate the many varieties of cold soup in this world. National Vichyssoise Day celebrates one such special and delicious Soup!
History of National Vichyssoise Day
Vichyssoise (vee-she-suuwaaz) soup is generally accepted as being created by Chef Louis Diat. He worked at Ritz hotels in Long, Paris and other cities around Europe during his career; he came up with this cold creamy dish while working for the hotel chain's restaurant division where it was called "Le Supplice" which means “The Pains” because of how much effort goes into preparing them!
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