National Vinyl Record Day

August 12, 2021

August 12 - National Vinyl Record Day

What Is National Vinyl Record Day?

Vintage vinyl records are completely unique in terms of sound, much different from CD’s or streaming on a phone or laptop. Traditional music fans love and enjoy listening on vinyl records and enjoy their favourite musical stars this way, such as Elvis Presley or The Beatles. In recent years, vinyl records have been making a comeback, with new singers and artists releasing music on vinyl as well. On this national day, dig a little deeper into the rich history of vinyl records in the music industry and enjoy an album or two the classic way.

When Is National Vinyl Record Day?

On August 12th, Americans around the world celebrate National Vinyl Record Day.

History Of National Vinyl Record Day

National Vinyl Record Day was founded by Gary Freiberg of Los Osos, California. He founded the day to commemorate the day that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877.


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