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National Vitamin C Day - 2022-04-04
What is National Vitamin C Day?
The 4th of April is an excellent day to share how vitamin C benefits our health. In fact, there are numerous physical and mental health benefits of this essential vitamin. It's great for keeping colds at bay, but it also has been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. For those who have a risk of gout, vitamin C may be a key ingredient in reducing the amount of uric acid in their bodies. Topically, Vitamin C keeps your skin healthy by protecting it from oxidative damage caused by daily exposure to light, heat, and pollution. The popularity of topical Vitamin C products has risen dramatically. With the right product, adding Vitamin C to your beauty regimen can brighten your skin, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy collagen production. Vitamin C brightens just about any health routine.  
When is National Vitamin C Day?
Vitamin C Day is celebrated on April 4 of every year.
History of National Vitamin C Day
In 2019, SkinCeuticals created a holiday called National Vitamin C Day. The company did it to show its appreciation for vitamin C research and the many benefits that this antioxidant has.
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