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National Waterpark Day - 2021-07-28
What is National Waterpark Day?
Waterparks are worldwide, thrilling, and exciting places perfect for those adrenaline junkies. They also provide an opportunity for those who prefer just to relax and unwind or for families with young children who cannot withstand the super tall and fast rides. Wherever you may be, there's bound to be a waterpark nearby that offers exactly what you're looking for in a fun outing with family or friends. This National Waterpark Day, enjoy all the fun and memory-making opportunities that waterparks have to offer.
When is National Waterpark Day?
July 28th is the day to don your best bathing suit and have yourself some fun, it's National Waterpark Day!
History of National Waterpark Day
National Waterpark Day was founded on July 28th of 2017 by Kalahari Resorts and Conventions. Their aim was to celebrate the unique attractions and fun-filled days that come with waterpark visits, especially during the hot days of the summer season.
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