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National Wear Your Pearls Day - 2021-12-15
What is National Wear Your Pearls Day?
Motivational speaker and best-selling author DeAnna Bookert.Her pearls constantly reminded her that she has value and purpose at a time when she was suffering from depression. Despite life's many obstacles and challenges, this day encourages you to appreciate yourself! It is not solely about wearing pearls literally on Wear Your Pearls Day! Rather, it describes the process of how pearls are made, and the importance they can find in deep waters. Pearls are formed over time by coating the irritating dirt and foreign particles found in oysters with layers of nacre. DeAnne Bookert encourages everyone to do the same today and in the future in the same way that oysters coat the dirt they come across with something beautiful.
When is National Wear Your Pearls Day?
Celebrated annually on December 15th is National Wear Your Pearls Day.
History of National Wear Your Pearls Day
The National Wear Your Pearls Day was founded by DeAnna Bookert, best selling Author and Motivational speaker.
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