National WebMistress Day

August 26, 2021

August 26 - National WebMistress Day

What Is National WebMistress Day?

WebMistress is a title given to women who design, develop, market, and maintain websites. The term has existed since the 1990s and officially entered the technology scene in 1995. In June of 1995, Kat Valentine bought the web domain and began web development under the job title WebMistress. The title is now a legitimate title for a women in the tech field and can be used on resumes and job applications, though it still comes across slightly, um, risqué. This national day is dedicated to erasing the stigma attached to the word and also showing appreciation for the women in the field who do all they can to get the recognition they deserve.

When Is National WebMistress Day?

On August 26th, honour women in web with National WebMistress Day.

History Of National WebMistress Day

National WebMistress Day was founded by Kat Valentine in 2016 to promote women in tech and the legitimacy of the job title WebMistress.


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