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National Whistleblowers Day - 2021-07-30
What is National Whistleblowers Day?
The term "whistleblower" refers to an individual who sees suspicious activity and does their civic duty by reporting it to the proper authority. "Suspicious activity" is an umbrella term that includes and kind of corruption, waste, abuse, violation, or exploitation. In recent years, legislation has come into play that protects whistleblowers from losing jobs or any other consequences that could affect their lives negatively, but there is still a painful and dangerous stigma attached to whistleblowing that makes it something many do not want to partake in, even though it is the morally correct option in many cases. On National Whistleblower Day we take a stand for whistleblowers and do our best to support those who choose the right, but often more difficult, path.
When is National Whistleblowers Day?
Since the days of our Founding Fathers, we have seen fit to protect those who report wrongdoings when they see it. July 30th is National Whistleblowers Day.
History of National Whistleblowers Day
On July 30th of 1778, the Continental Congress passed a resolution in favour of 10 sailors and marines who spoke out against their commander's abuse of his office. It has since become an American necessity to report corruption when they suspect it.
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