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National Wildlife Day - 2021-09-04
What is National Wildlife Day?
Every day, up to 150 species are lost to the world. Biologists believe that this rate of extinction is 1000 times greater than it is naturally. National Wildlife Day is commemorated each year on September 4th to spread awareness for the plight of endangered species and highlight the urgency of preservation and conservation efforts worldwide. Do you want to help in some way? Zoos, animal sanctuaries and wildlife charities in your area need all the help they can get. Volunteer, donate and contribute to these programs to raise the awareness of species in and around our communities. Always be mindful of the animals and wildlife around you – they might not be there tomorrow.
When is National Wildlife Day?
On September 4th we honor and celebrate wildlife in all its beautiful forms around the world – and we raise awareness for endangered species and conservation projects.
History of National Wildlife Day
Colleen Paige, pet and lifestyle expert, founded National Wildlife Day in 2005 in honor and memory of the legendary Steve Irwin.
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