National Wine and Cheese Day

July 25, 2021

What Is National Wine and Cheese Day?

Wine and cheese is a popular delicacy across many of the cultures that enjoy and produce wine. In each of these cultures, people pair their local wines with their local cheeses. Though everyone has their favourite combination, a sommelier or a cheesemonger will be able to tell you exactly which cheese can pair with which wine, as they are experts in the industry and know exactly which flavours go with which. On this national day, don’t be afraid to get yourself well acquainted with all the possible variations and combinations that can be had with wine and cheese. Order a platter from a charcuterie vendor and have yourself a little get together with some friends!

When Is National Wine and Cheese Day?

July 25th is the day to celebrate the most classic and classy pairing around, wine and cheese.

History Of National Wine and Cheese Day

We are unsure who created this national day, but it has been observed since at least 2014.


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