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National Winston Churchill Day - 2022-04-09
What is National Winston Churchill Day?
On April 9th, we celebrate Winston Churchill Day. He was made an honorary citizen of the United States because his leadership during World War II earned him world renown. Churchill led the United Kingdom through its darkest hours, and his experience as a politician and soldier helped him accomplish his goals. Winston Churchill, a British political leader and Nobel Prize winner, was granted honorary citizenship of the United States on this day in 1963. In a ceremony presided over by President John F. Kennedy, Churchill's son and grandson attended. Winston Churchill was the first honorary American citizen. He was born in England, but his mother was American. She married into the Churchill family. Winston had two brothers, one of whom died as a child. The United States is a country with a long history. A great honor has been granted by the United States: honorary citizenship. Only eight people in history have received this honor, and six of them were posthumous. The United States has never given an honorary citizenship to someone who was alive at the time of the award. Mother Teresa is one of these eight people — and she is the only one who was alive when she received this honor.  
When is National Winston Churchill Day?
Winston Churchill Day is observed on April 9 of every year.
History of National Winston Churchill Day
On April 9, 1963, President Kennedy and Congress presented Winston Churchill with honorary U.S. citizenship. In 1964, President Johnson declared November 30th to be Sir Winston Churchill Day. To commemorate this special day, all Americans are encouraged to learn more about the life of this commanding statesman.
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