National Workaholics Day

July 5, 2021

July 5 - National Workaholics Day

What Is National Workaholics Day?

We all know a workaholic, someone who just cannot leave their work at the office and take time to relax. While we may poke fun and tease them a little, we all know we love and appreciate the workaholics of our companies for their dedication to the job. Show your appreciation today with a little gesture, such as buying a coffee, and try your best to encourage them to take a little break, for their own good. If you are a workaholic, learn about the impacts continuous working has on your body and your mind.

When Is National Workaholics Day?

National Workaholics Day is observed on July 5th.

History Of National Workaholics Day

We are continuing to research the origins of this national holiday.


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