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National Working Moms Day - 2021-03-12
What is National Working Moms Day?
The next Working Moms Day is March 12th. It’s a day to celebrate moms who work. They are the breadwinners, educators, and role models. They’re resilient and inspirational. So this year, let’s celebrate them on March 12th. Mothers have always been innovators, creating and developing. They strategize and organize, never stopping until the work is done. And today, we know that mothers keep pace with the changing world. Working moms invest in our communities because their small businesses thrive there. Working moms are awesome. They raise the next generation of leaders, feed us, and make sure we have what we need when we’re sick. How do you show your appreciation for working moms? On National Working Moms Day, take a moment to celebrate the women in your life who work outside the home. Whether you acknowledge an exceptional working mother or reflect on your own accomplishments, use this day to honor the mothers who work for you.
When is National Working Moms Day?
National Working Moms Day is observed on March 12th annually.
History of National Working Moms Day
A new organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is turning the national spotlight on working mothers. The group is called Working Moms of Milwaukee (WMM). WMM’s vision is to help working moms in Milwaukee find an inclusive group of women to bond with, make friends with, and share experiences with.
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