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National Yellow Bat Day - 2022-04-21
What is National Yellow Bat Day?
April 21 is a special day for people who have a passion for bats. Did you know that April 21st is National Yellow Bat Day? April 21st is also the anniversary of the Army Security Agency, an intelligence branch of the United States Army. The Army Security Agency used to gather intelligence, provide communication security for the Army, and carry out electronic countermeasure operations. The Army activated an airborne company to provide security for sensitive communications. The 265th Army Security Agency Company (Airborne) was activated in 1967. The company was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After the merger, this new unit focused on military intelligence. A part of the US Army was called the ASA (Army Security Agency). The 265th ASA was called Airborne. The 265th ASA was also part of the 101st Airborne Division. After it was created, it was activated in Fort Campbell on April 21, 1967. The seal of the 265th Army Security Agency Company is a bat. We found out that bats represent secrecy and mystery. It is therefore an ideal symbol for an agency that performs surveillance and provides intelligence support. In order for a business to succeed, it must have a lot of energy and passion. A unit called the 265th Radio Research Company (RRC) was able to find success. The success of this RRC was not revealed for decades because their services were classified. In 2016, a man named Doug Bonnot declared National Bat Day.  
When is National Yellow Bat Day?
National Yellow Bat Day is observed annually on April 21st!
History of National Yellow Bat Day
A soldier from the 101st Airborne submitted National Yellow Bat Day. He and his fellow soldiers were all part of the 265th RRC (ABN).
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