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National Yorkshire Pudding Day - 2021-10-13
What is National Yorkshire Pudding Day?
The Yorkshire Pudding isn't a dessert. Nor is it an American creation. Celebrated annually on October 13th, National Yorkshire Pudding Day is an English dish that's actually similar to a popover. Made from a batter and served alongside roasts and with gravy, Yorkshire Puddings are delicious to eat. Back in the early 1700s, English cooks created Yorkshire Puddings to make use of the fat that dropped onto the dripping trays. Some like them filled with gravy, but others have strayed away from the traditional recipe to add chocolate, caramel, cream cheese, eggs, and herbs as fillings. No matter how you enjoy your Yorkshire Puddings, make sure your plate is full of them. Share your recipes on social media with #NationalYorkshirePuddingDay.
When is National Yorkshire Pudding Day?
Is it a dessert or a pastry? National Yorkshire Pudding Day is an English dish high in yumminess. We praise this cooking creation annually on October 13th.
History of National Yorkshire Pudding Day
We haven't been able to trace the origins of National Yorkshire Pudding Day, but as soon as we do we'll be sure to update you with the information.
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