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National Youth Confidence Day - 2021-10-20
What is National Youth Confidence Day?
The youth of today are future CEOs, doctors, scientists, singers, and actors. It is important to keep our youth inspired and motivated. National Youth Confidence Day was created to encourage positive relationships between adults and the youth of today. Through various mentorship programs, we can build up their confidence and help break the barriers keeping them from achieving their goals. A good way to do this is to mentor a young person who needs some guidance in life. This National Youth Confidence Day, mentor a teen. Get involved in their lives and support them emotionally. Encourage the youths of America to reach for their dreams by posting on social media and sharing your own success story using #YouthConfidenceDay.
When is National Youth Confidence Day?
We celebrate this important day on October 20th every year.
History of National Youth Confidence Day
National Youth Confidence Day was founded by Tiffany Lewis in 2018. Lewis is the CEO of Confident Girl Mentoring Program Inc., a non-profit that aims to empower and build the confidence of young girls aged 7 to 19 years. Lewis is also an active member of MENTOR, a national partnership that seeks to mentor youths in the U.S.
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