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Native American Day - 2021-10-11
What is Native American Day?
We have all watched Pocahontas, a Disney classic based on the arrival of explorers in what we now know as North America. Did you know they loosely based it on fact? Native Americans have been in the United States for over 15,000 years. When Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492, it shocked him to see the land already occupied by the Native Americans. Columbus took credit for discovering America, which separated the Native Americans and whites for centuries. In 1990 Columbus Day was changed to Native American Day to honor the history and culture of Native Americans across the United States. You can celebrate Native American Day by learning more about their fascinating culture. Visit a museum, attend one of the events held across the country in honor of the day, and share on social media using #-NativeAmericanDay.
When is Native American Day?
Americans celebrate the culture and heritage of Native Americans on the second Monday of October, with art displays and ceremonies across the country. In 2021, we celebrate Native American Day on October 11th.
History of Native American Day
In 1989, the governor of South Dakota, George S. Mickelson, declared that 1990 would be the year of reconciliation between the native Americans and whites. He changed Columbus Day to Native American Day to acknowledge - the importance of Native Americans in America’s history.
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