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Navy Day - 2021-10-27
What is Navy Day?
The United States Navy is a part of the largest, most powerful military in the world. It is one of the 7 uniformed services in the US, along with the Army, Air Force, and more. The US Navy has the highest combined battle fleet tonnage of any other navy and currently employs 340,000 active personnel along with 71,000 in the reserve force. There are over 40 Navy bases around the world that are still in service today, the biggest being in Norfolk, Virginia. Navy Day celebrates the US Navy for their contribution to keeping America and the world safe from ocean-based threats. If you would like to know more about Navy Day and the history of the US navy, visit a naval museum and get a glimpse of the impact that the Navy has on America and the rest of the world. Post pictures and fun facts on social media with #NavyDay.
When is Navy Day?
We celebrate Navy Day on October 27th each year as a salute to the military personnel, past and present, of the US Navy.
History of Navy Day
The Navy League of the US founded Navy Day in 1922 to honor the birthday of President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was a long-standing assistant secretary of the Navy and the first president to sail on a submarine. The secretary of the Navy, John F. Lehman, credited President Roosevelt as being one of the architects of the modern Navy.
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