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Never Bean Better Day - 2021-08-22
What is Never Bean Better Day?
Just how our beloved pets spread joy in our lives, this day encourages the spread of love and joy with the company of our dogs. Be kind, be generous, be loving, with the same spirit that dogs have, with the same ferocity that dogs love us. They are fiercely loving and affectionate, and always find it in them to share their love with us and our families.
When is Never Bean Better Day?
Never Bean Better Day, the day to celebrate your love for your doggy best friend, is celebrated on August 22nd of every year.
History of Never Bean Better Day
Never Bean Better Day was founded by the Drager Group Inc. to celebrate the unconditional love that dogs bring to humans. The observance was named after a very special therapy dog, Bean, who always goes out of his way to be loving and joyful, no matter the occassion.
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