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New Years Eve - 2021-12-31
What is New Years Eve?
The excitement builds as we approach New Year’s Eve. The party might not be over until January 1st, but it is a great time to clean up and make resolutions for next year! A few countries celebrate this day with a public holiday like the Philippines and Latvia while other parts of our world let their citizens off work early so they can enjoy themselves in whichever way suits them best. The USA has plenty of great places where New Year celebrations are taking place right now including theme parks like Disney World Florida or Disneyland California; islands such as Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts which provides beautiful views overlooking Narragansett Bay!
When is New Years Eve?
Most New Year's festivities begin on December 31 (New Year's Eve),
History of New Years Eve
The Babylonians were the first to celebrate a new year's arrival date, and they did it 4 millennia ago.The earliest recorded festivities in honor of such an event date back some 3-4 thousand years ancient Babylonian!
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