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Purple Heart Day - 2021-08-07
What is Purple Heart Day?
The Purple Heart is the oldest military decoration and was created in 1782 by George Washington. The Heart honors men and women who have committed a particular action of merit, and they are then known as of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. The design of the Heart is a heart shaped piece of silk bound with a silver edge. Today, an addition of a bust of George Washington has been added to the face. In 1944, the requirements were changed to limit the award to only those who are wounded or killed in combat. It is estimated that nearly 2 million service members have received Purple Hearts .
When is Purple Heart Day?
On August 7th, we pay homage to the Purple Heart, a military decoration for military merit.
History of Purple Heart Day
National Purple Heart Day has been celebrated since 1932, though the date of celebration is not set in stone: some celebrate on George Washington's birthday, and some on Valentines Day.
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