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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day - 2021-08-28
What is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day?
The death of a pet is extremely painful, and very valid, though many people don't understand the pain. Pets become like family. They love us unconditionally and they depend on us for absolutely everything. When they die, it truly feels like an incredibly huge loss. As we navigate the uniquely devastating grief of losing a pet, we remember their lives and love with this national day observance. Spend the day just feeling your feelings. Look through old photos, visit their favourite parks, or even take a trip to your local shelter and have a look at some of the other pets looking for homes. When you're ready, it might be worth the time to get a new pet. They'll never replace the one you lost, but they can carve out a new spot in your heart and help you heal a little faster.
When is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day?
On Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day on August 28th, we remember the pet companions we have sadly lost.
History of Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day was founded by Deborah Barnes to honour her cat Mr. Jazz, who passed on sadly.
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