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Restless Legs Awareness Day - 2021-09-23
What is Restless Legs Awareness Day?
The 23rd of September is a day to raise awareness for a medical condition that a lot of people have. It can affect adults and children. In 1945, a Swedish neurologist named Dr. Karl-Axel Ekborn described a condition he called "Alice in Wonderland syndrome." We still don't know what causes it, but we have learned more about the syndrome since then. Restless Legs Syndrome is characterized by uncontrollable urges to move the legs. It affects about 7 percent of the population, according to the National Sleep Foundation. People who suffer from RLS say it affects their quality of life. The condition presents with the following symptoms: strong urges to move the legs, accompanied by unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations. The symptoms worsen when relaxing, but improve when moving around or stretching. The best way to relieve symptoms is by walking or stretching.
When is Restless Legs Awareness Day?
Restless Legs Awareness Day is observed annually on September 23.
History of Restless Legs Awareness Day
The Willis-Ekbom Disease Foundation created the first observance of WED in 2012.
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