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Rosa Parks Day - 2021-12-01
What is Rosa Parks Day?
Rosa Parks, an African American woman refused to leave her seat on the grounds that it was against what she believed were fair rules. As a result of this act - which at first got her arrested and convicted for violating segregation laws called "Jim Crow" (or racial discrimination) -- Rosa appealed through appeals courts but lost each time until finally taking it all way up front where they ruled in favor not only herself but also other civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr., who boycotted buses run by Montgomery Bus System. This single act spurred other civil rights protests throughout America as it became one of many symbols fighting against unfair treatment based on skin color or social status--a battle still being fought today!
When is Rosa Parks Day?
We remember the civil rights leader Rosa Parks. On December 1st of each year.
History of Rosa Parks Day
On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks was riding a city bus in Montgomery and she refused to give up her seat for white people. This led the driver ask insistently until finally he said that if they couldn't decide how many seats should belong only one race or another then " monkeys would be better off on top."
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