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Self-Injury Awareness Day - 2022-03-01
What is Self-Injury Awareness Day?
March 1 is now Self-Injury Awareness Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about self-injury behaviors, such as cutting. The goal is to help people who are struggling with self-injury by providing helpful resources. “Cutting” and other self-injury behaviors, also known as self-harm, including deliberately causing physical damage to oneself. Typically a sign of intense emotional distress, self-injury behaviors include skin carving, self-medicating, extreme scratching, burning oneself, punching or hitting walls to induce pain. People who engage in nonsuicidal self-injury must perform five acts of self-injury within one year without having any suicidal intent.
When is Self-Injury Awareness Day?
Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) is a global event held annually on March 1
History of Self-Injury Awareness Day
Organizations promote Self-Injury Awareness Day each year to raise awareness about self-injury and how to provide support.
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