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Silver Star Service Banner Day - 2021-05-01
What is Silver Star Service Banner Day?
On May 1st, we honor the bravery of military heroes and their families. The Silver Star Service Banner and Flag pays tribute to their service and gallantry. The flag is traditionally displayed across all branches of the military. For veterans, 10% suffer from severe injuries. It's usually combat-related. They have to deal with their injuries for the rest of their lives. It's a constant reminder of the sacrifices they made in war or conflict. Participate in local events honoring Silver Star personnel and their families. If you cannot participate in events like these, you can always contribute to veterans' organizations and military bases. You can show your gratitude by volunteering, or by donating and spreading awareness.  
When is Silver Star Service Banner Day?
Silver Star Service Banner Day is celebrated on May 1.
History of Silver Star Service Banner Day
While the United States had adopted the official Blue and Gold Star Service Banners in 1918, it missed the opportunity to create a Silver Star Service Banner.
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