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Singles Awareness Day - 2022-02-15
What is Singles Awareness Day?
Do you love being single? Is being single a wonderful experience? On the day after Valentine’s Day, we celebrate being single. It is cool that you can do whatever you want without someone telling you what to do. Being single is a great way to be free, and it also helps your community. Being single is great. You can do as you please, whenever you please, with no regard to anyone else’s schedule or desires. You don’t have to ask your partner for permission before accepting a new job or promotion. It’s also easier to stay healthy because you don’t have to ask anyone else if you can go for a run, eat a salad for dinner, or keep the thermostat at 72 degrees. Happy Singles Awareness Day!
When is Singles Awareness Day?
Singles Awareness Day is celebrated annually on February 15th!
History of Singles Awareness Day
Singles Awareness Day has been around since 1999.
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