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Soup It Forward Day - 2022-03-03
What is Soup It Forward Day?
How many times have you come across someone who's not kind? It's difficult to find. Kindness is rare these days. In this competitive life, we're so busy and we barely have time to show how much we care about the people around us. The world needs more people like that. Even in dire situations, a few individuals who are full of human spirit and zeal for kindness stand firm in their quest to spread love and care to all. Soups are the ultimate food for love. They are easily prepared and can be altered to fit your specific diet. They are filling, easy to make, and easy to share. And they're healthy! They can be frozen and reheated, too. On March the 3rd, Soup Sisters holds a contest to encourage participants to bring homemade soup to a family member, a friend, or a homeless person. It is an incredibly rewarding experience that everyone can be a part of. The donation can be as small as you want.
When is Soup It Forward Day?
Soup it Forward Day is observed on March 3rd.
History of Soup It Forward Day
Sharon Hapton launched the ‘Soup Sisters’ in the year 2009.
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